Mission Statement


Our site is dedicated to helping you to participate in the exciting and fun world of motorsports.  We will give you practical advice and information on how to get involved in the many facets of this exciting sport.  We can help if you want to be able to drive your street car better or race in wheel-to-wheel competition.  Our goal is to provide you with specific, actionable strategies so you will go faster while spending the least amount of money so you can have more fun.  We will show you how to avoid the mistakes that are costly to your wallet and dangerous to your health.

This experience and expertise is from someone who has raced in a variety of cars and motorcycles for over 50 years.  In addition, we have a wide network of people and companies with hundreds of years of competition experience at the highest level of the sport.  This network can provide you with the knowledge and products you need to go fast.  We can make you more competitive with the least amount of time and money.  See you at the track!

Ardie Oji, Founder