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Of the more than a dozen car magazines I get every month, there are a few that are my favorites.  One of them is Grassroots Motorsports.  Their readers are car enthusiasts who like to get their hands dirty and work on their own cars.  In the November  2015 issue they cover their annual Grassroots Motorsports 2015 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge.  This is run what you brung event with full blown race cars to street driven vehicles to see who can cut the fastest lap at Virginia International Raceway.

This year the fastest lap was by Ben Keating driving his carbon fiber-bodied Dodge Viper GT-3.  This same car won it's class at this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona and you can have a duplicate built for a mere $476,050.  Keating turned a 1:46.436 lap. This was 2 seconds faster than the 2nd place car which was a tube framed Nascar Cup car with a 825-horsepower engine.  The 48th place car was a Toyota FR-S at 2:21.954.



On page 109 there is an article about installing safety equipment in their new Ultimate Track Camaro SS. They decided it might be a good idea after hitting almost 160 mph at Daytona during an open track event.  The installed a roll bar, racing seat and a 6 point seat belts.  There are detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Finally there is an article showing how to replace the viscous type limited slip differential with a mechanical one on a Nissan 350-Z.  Again there are pictures and descriptions on how to do the conversion.  They also talk about the pros and cons of the different type of limited slips.

This is a magazine to get if you like doing your own work or want to learn how to do it.

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