About Us

Racing Explained is a team of people who are passionate about cars and going fast.  Our goal is to help people with the same interests to get more involved in motorsports.  We will provide you with practical advice and information on the various facets of motorsports gained during many decades of working on and racing different cars.

Our site is dedicated to helping you participate in the fun and exciting world of cars and motorsports.  We will give you information on how to get involved in the many facets of this exciting sport whether you simply want to be able to drive your street car better or race in wheel-to-wheel competition.

We will provide you with specific, actionable strategies, techniques and knowledge so you can go faster.  We will help you to save both time and money.  With our advice, our readers will be able to avoid many of the mistakes that people new to racing make.  As you might imagine, mistakes can be expensive as well as dangerous to your health.

Ardie Oji is the founder of Racing Explained.  He has been working on and racing cars for over 50 years.  Ardie grew up on his family's farm in Northern California and began working on cars at a very early age.  He and his brother's first car was a 1930 Model A Ford which they started working on at the age of 10.  Ardie then began racing karts at the age of 12.  The karts were followed by dirt bikes, dirt track midgets, formula cars, various SCCA production cars and NASCAR stock cars.  In 1979 he won the SCCA San Francisco Region’s A-Sedan Championship and the Pacific Coast Road Racing Championship and 1998 GTA Championship.


He also raced professionally in SCCA’s Trans-Am and IMSA’s GTO class.  He currently races a vintage NASCAR stock car in the Stock Car Race Series. Ardie has learned through the "school of hard knocks" how to build, prepare, tune and race cars.  In addition, he has been serving as a driving instructor for over 15 years for a number of local and national organizations.